Our Dryarn® and Prolen® fibers are Ecosustainable for a better world. The Under Shield® family has decided to take an Ecosustainable path by carefully choosing their own fibers and the entire production cycle, reducing to the minimum the usage of electricity for production. We care a lot about our environment that’s why we behave and produce our underwear with the most respect
for nature in order to preserve it the way we inherited it for our future needs.

PROLEN®YARN, DRYARN® and its productions do not pollute the environment (water, air or soil). During the production of our underwear only a small amount of water is used (as opposed to cotton, to produce 1 kg up to 11 liters of water). We use the lowest temperature which uses up to 45% less energy. No pesticides or toxic dyes are used to produce our garments.